Lecture: Lecture: Software Visualization

Winter term 2002/2003

Researchers in software visualization devolop and investigate methods and use of computer graphical representations of different aspects of software, e.g. its static structure, its concrete and abstract execution, and its evolution.
Leistungspunkte: 6
  Diehl, Stephan (Dr.)
  Görg, Carsten (Dipl.-Infom.)
  Wednesday, 14:00-16:00, Building: 45, Room: HS 001
  Termine: 2-stündig nach Vereinbarung
Erwünschte Vorkenntnise: 
 Programmierkenntnisse in Java sind vorteilhaft 
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Results of the written exam

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction (What is software visualization?, visual metaphors, applications, role in software engineering, taxonomies, visualization pipeline)
  2. First stage: data acquisition (Interesting Events, Traces, State Mapping, Software archives)
  3. Second stage: Analyses (Filtering, Static Program analysis, metrics)
  4. Third stage: Visualization (view, MVC design pattern, text, trees, graphs, numerical information, animations, in particular of dynamic graphs, classical methods of information visualization)
  5. Visualization of software architectures (Software-IC, adhoc drawings, UML diagrams)
  6. Algorithm animation (control flow diagrams, classical examples, visualized path testing, abstract execution, foccusing)
  7. Evolution of software systems (visualization of metrics, evolution matrix of OO systems, Resources, Integration into project management)
  8. Educational applications (case studies)
  9. visualization in 3D (3D Algorithm Animation, Software worlds, RUBE methodology, psdoom)
  10. Visual Programmierung
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