I was born on 27th of April 1970 in ciudad dé Guatemala, which is the capital of Guatemala.

Later, I returned to Germany and lived in the Rheinland, near Bonn (in a small town called Ittenbach, to be precise), where I visited primary school. After I completed Gymnasium in 1989, I served my time in the Bundeswehr in the nice town of Koblenz in the 'Pionierkommando 3'.

From winter term 1990/91 on, I studied at the university of Bielefeld at the technical faculty.

There, I met my wife Yoomi Thesing (born Park), which is Korean and we married on 31st of August 1995 in Heidelberg.

I made my master in computer science in July 1996 in Bielefeld (my thesis can be found here).

From 1.11.1996 until 31.10.1999 I was a member of the Graduiertenkolleg here in Saarbrücken and started work on my PhD.

On 13th March 1997 my son Raphael Chanjun was born.

From 1.11.1999 on I am working at the Compiler Design Lab of Saarland University.

From 1.10.2000 until 30.9.2002 is was working in the DAEDALUS project of the EU

November 2004 I finished my PhD thesis and received my Dr.-ing.