Family Graph




This example is current work. There will be more support for icons in the next versions of the VCG tool.

This is a family graph. All nodes contain icons that show the corresponding people. Since the nodes are often too small to contain all corresponding information, it is possible to use background text fields that become visible after a selection of nodes. Here, the life dates are stored in such text fields. Select here (57 KB) to see a picture during the selection of the background text fields.
BTW.: 1) The life dates shown here are randomly specified, i.e. they are not the real life dates of these people. 2) This is NOT MY family. This is an artificial example.

Icons are fully scalable and there are different icon modes, to draw icons slow in high quality or fast in low quality. Fisheye views are of course also possible with icons. In a polar fisheye, the picture seems to be mapped on a spheric ball. In this example, this is not really useful, but it looks funny. Select here (57 KB) to see the family graph in polar fisheye view.

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