Organization Chart




This example is current work. There will be more support for organization charts in the next versions of the VCG tool.

This is the organization chart used to visualize the SAP R/3 application model. The normal layout algorithm with special manhattan edges is used. The nodes are specified in a fixed horizontal order such that crossing reduction of the layout is not necessary. All nodes have the same width and height, which gives a very uniform aesthetics. The text inside the labels is left justified.

The application model consists of 4 phases, each specified as a separate subgraph in color yellow, green, white and blue. These phases are connected by the pink ellipses with text label "Qualitätsprüfung" . Selecting these subgraphs by selecting some of their nodes allows to fold the subgraph. A rhomboid summary node with blue text appears. Select here to see the result of folding two subgraphs. The relayout is an animation, e.g. during the unfolding, the nodes move smoothly from the old positions to the new positions. Select here to see a screendump during such an animation.

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