Georg Sander

Georg Sander

Personal Data

Address: Feldbergstr. 18
61348 Bad Homburg
Phone: private: +49 6172 309786
business: +49 6172 406051
Date of Birth: 13th July 1965 in Püttlingen, Germany
Nationality: German
Marital Status: single


Ph.D. Thesis: Visualisierungstechniken für den Compilerbau; Rating: summa cum laude.
1985 - 1990
University of Saarbrücken, major: computer science, minor: electrical engineering
Master Thesis: Entwicklung und Implementierung eines polymorphen Typsystems für die funktionale Programmiersprache TrafoLa; Rating: 1.0 (1.0 best, 4.3 worst)
1975 - 1984
Staatl. Realgymnasium Völklingen, A-Level (in Mathematics, Physics, German)

Professional Experience

since 1999
ILOG GmbH, Bad Homburg, and ILOG S.A, Paris.
Senior Software Developer. Participation in the development of visualization components in Java and C++.
AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH in Saarbrücken.
Leader of Software Development. Preparation of the launch of the software tool aiSee. Participation in the development of worst case execution time analysis and instruction cache analysis.
Tom Sawyer Software in Berkeley, California.
Chief Software Engineer. Leader of the Graph Layout Development Group, a group of 5 specialist in graph layout. Development of portable software components in C++ for the automatic layout of graphs.
Formerly: Research Staff Member. Responsible for the development and improvement of the hierarchical layout library. Leader in the design of the new graph file format.
ESPRIT Project #5399 COMPARE (COMpiler Generation for PARallel MachinEs).
Academic Research Staff Member. Development of a concurrent parallelizing compilation system for different source language / target architecture combinations, by an international team with partners from the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and Germany. Participation in the implementation of COMPARE ANSI C, Fortran 90 and Modula compilers.
ESPRIT Project #390 PROSPECTRA (PROgram Development by SPECification and TRAnsformation).
Development and implementation of a system of transformator engines that translate formal language specifications into provable correct compilers, by an international team with partners from Spain, France, Sweden, Scotland and Germany. Responsable for the design and implementation of the functional programming language TrafoLa that was used to specify the transformations and optimizations in the frontend of a compiler.
Summer 1987, Spring 1988
Internship at Siemens AG in München.
Quality assurance assistant for the BS 2000 hardware projects. Development and implementation of an accounting tool for BS 2000.
German Military Services

Honors and Awards

GI Dissertationspreis (National Award for best PhD. Thesis 1996)
Graph Visualization Competition in Passau: winner in category A, honorably mentioned in category B
Graph Visualization Competition in Princeton: winner in the category `directed graphs'
Students sholarship of the Siemens AG


Special Knowledge:
Specialist in graph theory, graph visualization, and compiler construction with parallelization.
Management of a software development group.
Computer Languages:
C++, C, Java, Pascal, Fortran, various Assembler, ML, Prolog, and more. Knowledge of many languages from the viewpoint of a compiler construction.
Scripting Languages/Tools:
csh, sh, ksh, make, sed, awk, lex, yacc, HTML and more.
Working knowledge of X11, MFC, GNU lib. Basic knowledge of OWL, Active X, STL, and more.
Software Control:
CVS, RCS, Visual Source Safe, Cadese
Operating Systems:
UNIX (Solaris, Linux, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX), Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.xx
Text Processing:
Specialist in LaTeX; PostScript, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word
Spoken Languages:
fluent in German and English. School knowledge of French.


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