CGiS: High-Level Data-Parallel GPU Programming


In the last few years, PC technology underwent a paradigm shift. The current trend leads aways from raising sequential performance to enhancing the available parallelism. The rapid performance increase of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) is a part of this trend. However, it is difficult to harness the computational potential because for the longest time GPUs could be directed only through graphics APIs and in low-level code. The language CGiS has been developed to remedy this situation. CGiS is a data-parallel programming language, which offers a high-level abstraction of GPUs, letting programmers use GPUs as co-processors for massively parallel algorithms. This work presents the language and the compiler for CGiS in the context of general purpose programming on GPUs (GPGPU).

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For more information about CGiS, please visit the CGiS homepage.

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Author: Philipp Lucas.