Topologies on Spaces of Continuous Functions

Reinhold Heckmann and Martín Escardó


It is well-known that a Hausdorff space is exponentiable if and only if it is locally compact, and that in this case the exponential topology is the compact-open topology. It is less well-known that among arbitrary topological spaces, the exponentiable spaces are precisely the core-compact spaces. The available approaches to the general characterization are based on either category theory or continuous-lattice theory, or even both. It is the main purpose of this paper to provide a self-contained, elementary and brief development of general function spaces. The only prerequisite to this development is a basic knowledge of general topology (continuous functions, product topology and compactness).

But another connection with the theory of continuous lattices lurks in this approach to function spaces, which is examined after the elementary exposition is completed. Continuity of the function-evaluation map is shown to coincide with a certain approximation property of a topology on the frame of open sets of the exponent space, and the existence of a smallest approximating topology is equivalent to exponentiability of the space. We show that the intersection of the approximating topologies of any preframe is the Scott topology. In particular, we conclude that a complete lattice is continuous if and only if it has a smallest approximating topology and finite meets distribute over directed joins.

Key words: Space of continuous functions, exponentiable space, locally compact space, compact-open topology, core-compact space, Isbell topology, continuous lattice, Scott topology, frame.

AMS classification codes: 54C35, 54D45, 06B35

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