A Non-Topological View of Dcpos as Convergence Spaces (Extended Abstract)

Reinhold Heckmann


The category TOP of topological spaces is not cartesian closed, but can be embedded into the cartesian closed category CONV of convergence spaces. It is well-known that the category DCPO of dcpos and Scott continuous functions can be embedded into TOP, and so into CONV, by considering the Scott topology.

We propose a different, ``cotopological'' embedding of DCPO into CONV, which, in contrast to the topological embedding, preserves products. If X is a cotopological dcpo, i.e. a dcpo with the cotopological CONV-structure, and Y is a topological space, then [X -> Y] is again topological, and conversely, if X is a topological space, and Y a cotopological complete lattice, then [X -> Y] is again a cotopological complete lattice.

For a dcpo D, the topological and the cotopological convergence structures coincide if and only if D is a continuous dcpo. Moreover, cotopological dcpos still enjoy some of the properties which characterise continuous dcpos. For instance, all cotopological complete lattices are injective spaces (in CONV) w.r.t. topological subspace embeddings.

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Reinhold Heckmann / heckmann@absint.com