Thomas Haenselmann


About Me

I studied computer science and business administration at the University of Mannheim. From November '99 till March '04, I worked as a member of the government (BMBF) founded project L (Life Long Learning) at the University of Mannheim. Since February '04 I have been doing research an education in the context of a C1 position in Mannheim. During this time, I also worked as a lecturer at the Reykjavik University in Iceland and as a research fellow at the National University of Singapore. After having submitted my 'Habilitation' recently, I started to teach on behalf of Prof. Reinhard Wilhelm at the department 6.2 of the Saarland Univerity. In the remaining time I serve as an associated editor in the board of the Springer Multimedia Systems Journal.

Research Interests

  • Sensor Networks


  • Winterterm 08/09: Data Networks

External Reviews

  • Since 2004 I have been member of the Technical Program Committee (TPC) for the ACM Multimedia.


    Dr. Thomas Haenselmann
    FR 6.2 Informatik, Compiler Design Lab
    Universitaet des Saarlandes
    Im Stadtwald 15 - Building E1 3, Office 426
    Postbox 15 11 50
    66041 Saarbruecken, Germany
    email: haenselmann (at) cs (dot) uni-saarland (dot) de
    phone: +49 (0)681 302-2034


  • Visit my homepage in Mannheim for further information