June 11-13, 2003    
San Diego, USA

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Paper submission: Dec. 16, 2002

Tutorial submission: Jan. 15, 2003

Notification of acceptance: Jan. 27, 2003

Final papers due: March 10, 2003

SoftVis '03 is affiliated with the ACM Federated Computing Research Conference, a collection of symposia occurring June 7-14 in San Diego, CA. For more details on registration, hotel and travel information, please see the FCRC 2003 web pages.

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The Conference Attendance Program for Students (CAPS) provides some financial support to graduate students, enabling them to attend SIGSOFT-sponsored conferences. The SIGPLAN Professional Activities Committee (PAC) provides support for registration fees and shared accommodation expenses for student attendance at a SIGPLAN sponsored conference where the applicant is to present a paper, is co-author of a paper on the program, or is participating in a student poster session.

More Information
For more information and questions about the SoftVis '03 Symposium, please send email to diehl@cs.uni-sb.de and stasko@cc.gatech.edu.

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Final Program

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

Afternoon Tutorials

Thursday, June 12th, 2003

Session 1 - Interesting Program Representations

  • Program Animation Based on the Roles of Variables
    Jorma Sajaniemi, Marja Kuittinen
  • Growing Squares: Animated Visualization of Causal Relations
    Niklas Elmqvist, Philippas Tsigas
  • 3D Representations for Software Visualization
    Andrian Marcus, Louis Feng, Jonathan Maletic

Session 2 - Integrating SV Systems

  • EVolve: An Open Extensible Software Visualisation Framework
    Qin Wang, Wei Wang, Rhodes Brown, Karel Driesen, Bruno Dufour, Laurie Hendren, Clark Verbrugge
  • Plugging-in Visualization: Experiences Integrating a Visualization Tool with Eclipse
    Robert Lintern, Jeff Michaud, Margaret-Anne Storey, Xiaomin Wu

Session 3 - Visualization for Program Understanding

  • Visualizing Java in Action
    Steven Reiss
  • Visualization of Program-Execution Data for Deployed Software
    Alessando Orso, James Jones, Mary Jean Harrold
  • A System for Graph-Based Visualization of the Evolution of Software
    Christian Collberg, Stephen Kobourov, Jasvir Nagra, Jacob Pitts, Kevin Wampler

Session 4 - Demo/Poster session

Friday, June 13th, 2003

Session 1 - Algorithm Animation Evaluation

  • Algorithm Visualization in CS Education: Comparing Levels of Student Engagement
    Scott Grissom, Myles F. McNally, Tom Naps
  • Dancing Hamsters and Marble Statues: Characterizing Student Visualizations of Algorithms
    Teresa Hübscher-Younger, N. Hari Narayanan
  • Designing Effective Program Visualization Tools for Reducing User's Cognitive Effort
    M. Eduard Tudoreanu

Session 2 - Debugging and Finding Faults

  • Interactive Visual Debugging with UML
    Timothy Jacobs, Benjamin Musial
  • End-User Software Visualizations for Fault Localization
    Joseph Ruthruff, Eugene Creswick, Margaret Burnett, Curtis Cook, Shreenivasarao Prabhakararao, Marc Fisher II, M. Main

Session 3 - Software Visualization for Specific Domains

  • Interactive Locality Optimization on NUMA Architectures
    Tao Mu, Jie Tao, Martin Schulz, Sally A. McKee
  • Graph Visualization for the Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics of Extreme-Scale Supercomputers
    Cheng Zhou, Kenneth L. Summers, Thomas P. Caudell
  • Visualizing Software for Telecommunication Services
    Emden R. Gansner, John M. Mocenigo, Stephen C. North

Session 4 - All Things UML

  • Nice Class Diagrams Admit Good Design?
    Holger Eichelberger
  • Visualizing Model Mappings in UML
    Jan Hendrick Hausmann, Stuart Kent
  • A New Approach for Visualizing UML Class Diagrams
    Carsten Gutwenger, Michael Jünger, Karsten Klein, Joachim Kupke, Sebastian Leipert, Petra Mutzel
  • A Topology-Shape-Metrics Approach for the Automatic Layout of UML Class Diagram
    Markus Eiglsperger, Michael Kaufmann, Martin Siebenhaller