Seminar Visual Analytics

Summer term 2008

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Görg


Over the last few years Visual Analytics emerged as a new research area. Visual Analytics combines automated analysis techniques with interactive visualizations for an effective understanding, reasoning and decision making on the basis of very large and complex data sets. The goal of Visual Analytics is the creation of tools and techniques to enable people to:

  • Synthesize information and derive insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data.
  • Detect the expected and discover the unexpected.
  • Provide timely, defensible, and understandable assessments.
  • Communicate assessment effectively for action.

Visual Analytics integrates many scientific disciplines, such as statistical analysis, data mining and management, human cognition and perception, information design and visualization, etc.

The papers we discuss cover domains such as geotemporal analysis, investigative and financial analysis, collaborative visual analytics, and text and network analysis. We also discuss some more fundamental papers about sensemaking processes and evaluation aspects of visual analytics environments.

General Information

  • Type: seminar (7 credit points)
  • Place: E1.3, R. 401
  • Time: Thursdays 14-16
  • Slides from the preparatory meeting.


  • read book chapter about visual analytics
  • read your assigned paper
  • first meeting 2 weeks before your presentation to discuss questions
  • second meeting 1 week before your presentation to discuss slides
  • write report (about 5 pages), due 2 weeks after the end of the seminar


  • May 29: Simon Wegener -- Literature Fingerprinting: A New Method for Visual Literary Analysis [slides]
  • May 29: Peter Urban -- DataMeadow: a visual canvas for analysis of large-scale multivariate data [slides] [movie]
  • June 5: Stefan Lorenz -- Jigsaw: supporting investigative analysis through interactive visualization [slides][movie]
  • June 5: Stefan John -- Stories in GeoTime [slides]
  • June 12: Verena Marold -- D-Dupe: An Interactive Tool for Entity Resolution in Social Networks [slides]
  • June 12: Veronika Dimitrova -- Visual analysis of controversy in user-generated encyclopedias [slides]
  • June 19: Ralf Karrenberg -- Scalable and interactive visual analysis of financial wire transactions for fraud detection [slides][movie]
  • June 19: Stefan Heinz -- Monitoring Network Traffic with Radial Traffic Analyzer [slides]
  • June 26: no seminar
  • July 3: Daniel Lorig -- Mobile analytics for emergency response and training [slides][movie]
  • July 17: hand in reports