Seminar Static Program Analysis

Summer term 2010

Dr. Claire Maiza, Jörg Herter, M.Sc., Sebastian Altmeyer, M.Sc.


  • 15.06.2010 The remaining seminar sessions will take place in:
    • room 407, building E1.1, on June 23rd and 28th
    • room 014, building E1.3, on June 26th and July 3rd
  • 03.05.2010 Exam-Registration in HISPOS for Computer Science is active from 03.05. to 20.05. Please, do not forget to register for the seminar there, as otherwise you may not be credited for the course.
  • 23.04.2010 Please vote for additional time slots for seminar talks during the week at this Doodle Poll. Please ignore the concrete dates given in the poll, we are just interested in the week days (Monday, Tuesday, ...) and time slots. Also note, that we will close the poll next Friday, April 30th, if you did not vote until then, we assume you are available during all time slots.
  • 12.04.2010 Dates and locations for the introductory lectures are now online (see below)
  • 12.04.2010 Paper-assignment meeting on April 16th
  • 24.02.2010 Kickoff meeting on April 9th

Important Dates

  • 09.04.2010 Kickoff meeting at 14 ct. in Room 401, Building E1 3
  • 16.04.2007 Assignment of papers at 14 ct. in Room 401, Building E1 3


The mail addresses of all tutors are linked from the title of this site.


To pass this seminar, you have to

  • be present at all seminar sessions/talks,
  • give a presentation about a research paper and
  • summarize this paper in about 6-10 pages.

Introductory Lectures

We offer two lectures covering the fundamentals of static program analysis. These lectures will be given on April, 22nd, from 10:00 to 11:30, in room 3.06, building E1.1, and on April 23rd, 8:30 to 10:00, in lecture hall 3, building E1.3.


As mentioned in the requirements above, each participant has to give a presentation (max. 75 minutes talk and about 15 minutes for questions) about a research paper. The language of the talk is English. You have to meet with your tutor at least 2 weeks before your talk to discuss a preliminary version of your slides, and 1 week before with a final version of your slides.


Each participant has to write a detailed summary about the paper he/she presented in his/her talk.
Summaries may be written either in English or in German.

Summary Submission

The format of your summary should be pdf or postscript. Please submit within 2 weeks after your talk to the address of your tutor.



Note that talks may take place later than given below. Changes will be announced on the web site.

Topic Speaker Date
Classical Static Analyses
Abstract Interpretation
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
S. Schäfer (slides), F. Benz (slides) 29.05, 10:00hrs
Constant Propagation and Interval Analysis
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
D. Moldovan (slides) 29.05, 10:00hrs
Interprocedural Analysis
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
B. Dörr (slides) 29.05., 10:00hrs
Two Approaches to Interprocedural Analysis
(Tutor: Sebastian Altmeyer)
K. Boesche (slides), N. Knopp (slides) 12.06., 09:00hrs
Shape Analysis
Parametric Shape Analysis via 3-valued Logic
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
S. Hahn (slides), F. Haupenthal (slides) 12.06., 09:00hrs
Verifying Safety Properties of Concurrent Java Programs Using 3-valued Logic
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
J. Iqbal (slides) 26.06., 10:00hrs
Putting Static Analysis to Work for Verification: A Case Study
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
T. Dudziak (slides) 23.06., 08:30hrs
Relational Inductive Shape Analysis
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
S. Wegener (slides) 26.06., 10:00hrs
Miscellaneous Analyses
Escape Analysis for Java
(Tutor: Sebastian Altmeyer)
M. Bohn (slides) 26.06., 10:00hrs
Compositional Pointer and Escape Analysis for Java Programs
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
N. Prytkova (slides) 28.06., 16:00hrs
Data Structure Analysis: A Fast and Scalable Context-Sensitive Heap Analysis
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
C. Li (slides) 23.06, 08:30hrs
A Generic Approach to the Static Analysis of Concurrent Programs with Procedures
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
A. Vahldiek (slides) 28.06., 16:00hrs
Low-level Static Analyses
Cache Behavior Prediction by Abstract Interpretation
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
M. Venkatachalapathy (slides) 28.06., 10:00hrs
Low-Level Library Analysis and Summarization
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
B. Kalyanasundaram (slides) 03.07., 10:00hrs
A System for Generating Static Analyzers for Machine Instructions
(Tutor: Claire Maiza)
A. Ramkumar (slides) 03.07., 10:00hrs
Analysing Memory Resource Bounds for Low-Level Programs
(Tutor: Jörg Herter)
A. Abel (slides) 03.07., 10:00hrs


Here are some suggestions on "How to give a good research talk"