Seminar Embedded Systems

Summer term 2006

Prof. Dr. R. Wilhelm, Dr.-Ing. S. Thesing,
Dipl.-Inform. M. Schlickling, Dipl.-Inform M. Pister, M.Sc. O. Parshin


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  • 24.04.2006 Information about how to contact us added
  • 20.04.2006 Schedule for overview and detailed papers added

Important Dates

  • 21.07.2006 Deadline for detailed summary submission (12:00 CEST hard!!).
  • 24.04.2006 All attendants of the kickoff meeting who have not yet signed for a detailed paper must do this on Monday until 2pm.
  • 20.04.2006 Kickoff meeting at 11 ct. in Room 401, Building E1 3

General Information

This seminar focuses on the design, verification and analysis of embedded systems, which are information processing systems embedded into other products, e.g. the airbag control system in a car, a mobile phone or the flight control system in an airplane.
These example applications show that embedded systems are very common, widely used and furthermore designed for specific purposes.



To pass this seminar, you have to

  • shortly summarize (about 2 pages) a few overview papers,
  • give a presentation about a detail paper and
  • summarize this paper in about 5 to 10 pages.


As mentioned in the requirements above, each participant has to give a presentation (about 40 minutes) about a detail paper. The language of the talk is English.


As mentioned in the requirements above, there are overview papers and detail papers. Each participant has to write a short summary about each overview paper and one summary about a detailed paper.
You can write the summaries either in English or in German.

Summary Submission

The format of your summary should be pdf or postscript. Please submit within the deadlines mentioned in the schedule below to the address
Please keep in mind, that you have to submit until 12am (12.00 CEST) at the dates given below.


  • Real-Time and Embedded Systems
  • Design and Validation of Embedded Systems
  • Design and Verification Languages
  • Operating Systems
  • Timing Analysis
  • Power Aware Computing

Schedule Overview papers

Block Paper Handout Summary submission Discussion
  • Real-Time in Embedded Systems
    (Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
  • Design of Embedded Systems
    (Tutor: Markus Pister)
20.04.2006 30.04.2006 04.05.2006
  • Models of Embedded Computation
    (Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
  • Modeling Formalisms for Embedded System Design
    (Tutor: Stephan Thesing)
28.04.2006 07.05.2006 11.05.2006
  • Languages for Embedded Systems
    (Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
  • The Synchronous Hypothesis and Synchronous Languages
    (Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
05.05.2006 14.05.2006 18.05.2006
  • Scheduling in real time systems
    (Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
  • Real Time Operating Systems: The Scheduling and Resource Management Aspects
    (Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
12.05.2006 21.05.2006 22.05.2006
  • Determining bounds on Execution Times
    (Tutor: Stephan Thesing)
  • Power Aware Embedded Computing
    (Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
19.05.2006 28.05.2006 01.06.2006

Schedule Detailed papers:

Topic Speaker Date
Petri Nets
(Tutor: Stephan Thesing)
Christian Müller 01.06.2006
State Charts
(Tutor: Stephan Thesing)
Martin Bauer 01.06.2006
Synchronous Data Flow
(Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
Yana Mileva 08.06.2006
Esterel Synchronous Programming Language
(Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
Andreas Hoffmann 08.06.2006
(Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
Oliver Welsch 12.06.2006
Comparing Models of Computation
(Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
Jörg Knappen 12.06.2006
Scheduling algorithms for Hard-Real-Time Environments
(Tutor: Markus Pister)
Sebastian Altmeyer 22.06.2006
Fixed-Priority Preemptive Scheduling
(Tutor: Markus Pister)
Peter Böhm 22.06.2006
Scheduling with Mixed Preemptions Relations
(Tutor: Markus Pister)
Stefana Nenova 29.06.2006
Power Analysis of Embedded Software
(Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
Dmitry Karnauhov 29.06.2006
Static Power Models
(Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
Steven Mai 06.07.2006
Design for Time Predictability
(Tutor: Oleg Parshin)
Franziska Ebert 06.07.2006
Abstract Interpretation of VHDL
(Tutor: Stephan Thesing)
Mohamed Abdel Maksoud 13.07.2006
Comparing Models of Computation - a Top-Down Approach
(Tutor: Marc Schlickling)
Jörg Knappen 20.07.2006


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